JUSTNORTH is a European Project designed to explore the multitude of ethical systems that coexist in the Arctic, as a starting point to assess the viability of new economic activities in the region.



Charter project

CHARTER is a research project that is funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme. CHARTER grew out of a desire to better understand the processes that have been driving rapid climate and land use changes in the Arctic. The project involves 21 research institutions across 9 countries, it started in August 2020 and will run for 4 years.


The EU Polar Cluster is a network of Horizon 2020 and a Framework Programme 7 funded polar projects. The Cluster merges a broad spectrum of research and coordination activities – ranging from findings on permafrost and sea ice, to improving predictions, and coordinating access to icebreakers. Projects that have ended still provide input to the Cluster and the Cluster is also supported by key partners, involved in the Task Groups.


FACE-IT aims to enable adaptive co-management of social-ecological fjord systems in the Arctic in the face of rapid cryosphere and biodiversity changes. A major activity in FACE-IT is to learn together with local communities about the relationship between environmen-tal changes and Arctic livelihoods in order to support man-agement at the local and national levels.