In the ArcticHubs project explainer videos and video sliders play a vital role in effectively communicating project insights and engaging stakeholders.

These videos are produced using the material generated from public engagement activities, research actions and fieldwork within the Arctic hubs, ensuring a common language. For instance, through project and consortium meetings, as well as training events, participants are further engaged, and fringe stakeholder meetings/events are organized to delve into issues and actions at the respective hubs. These occasions serve as opportunities to create valuable content for co-produced vlogs and video podcasts.

The medium of the video offers numerous advantages for reaching a larger audience. Firstly, these formats enhance engagement by captivating viewers and encouraging them to remain invested in the content. Secondly, they increase accessibility with subtitles and translations, accommodating diverse learning styles and language preferences. Thirdly, by simplifying complex concepts, explainer videos make it easier for a broader audience to grasp the project’s objectives and outcomes. Moreover, their shareability on social media platforms allows the project’s message to spread organically, extending its reach to individuals who may not typically engage with scientific research. Lastly, the long-term accessibility of uploaded videos and podcasts ensures that the content remains a valuable resource for interested stakeholders and future audiences.

The project released 5 explainer videos and video sliders, now also uploaded to the YouTube channel of the leading partner (LUKE), and making it easily accessible through the project’s website and newsletter.

By leveraging these visual mediums, @ArcticHubs ensures effective communication and dissemination of valuable research outcomes, fostering a deeper understanding and collaboration within the Arctic community.

ArcticHubs Explainer 1

In the initial phase, the project released the first explainer with video sliders to disseminate the project mission and aims.

ArcticHubs Explainer 2

The video sliders number 2 is based on WP1 research activities. WP1 focused on Arctic geopolitics and global drivers, with an investigation of the tensions and drivers affecting the development of major industries in the European Arctic, namely, aquacultureforestrymining and tourism.

Global drivers and megatrends research outcomes from WP1

ArcticHubs Explainer video 3

The following video is based on research activities from WP4.

ArcticHubs Explainer video podcast 4

What are “hubs” in the #ArcticHubs concept?

A short podcast created around the field visit to Kemi, Finland, that followed a project meeting in nearby Rovaniemi. It served as a type of ‘mobile workshop’, providing a stimulus to use the case of Kemi as a concrete and graphic explanation of the ‘hub’ concept, as this is used by the project. In so doing ArcticHubs aims to demonstrate the significance of a location like Kemi, in terms of real places and real lives.


ArcticHubs Explainer video 5

Coexistence of mining-aquaculture-tourism sectors at Magma Geopark hub

The video explainer was crafted using footage captured during a field visit to Magma Geopark, one of the project hub, to explain and explore the inter-relationship between the mining, aquaculture, and tourism sectors within the hub.

ArcticHubs Explainer video 6

Explaining Maptionnaire platform and PPGIS tools.