Lukeloki – Food Waste Application for Food Service








Do you wish to reduce food waste in your restaurant? It is now possible by Lukeloki application, also in English!

Natural Resource Institute Finland (Luke) has developed an easy-to-use online application Lukeloki for measuring food waste in food service kitchens. By monitoring food waste, you will gain valuable information into using your resources better and will save money. Food waste, and sustainability are hot topics, and by monitoring them, you can better communicate that you are looking into your business’ responsibility. Lukeloki can be accessed by smartphone, pad, or computer browser.

Only by monitoring, kitchens can get up to date information about how to reach company sustainability and financial goals, and make informed decisions on how to reduce food waste. Prior studies have shown that kitchen staff hunch about their food waste amounts is often incorrect. Usually the restaurant food waste comes from various small sources, so it is difficult to estimate the overall waste other than by actually weighing and recording it.

The waste is recorder on Lukeloki platform by its origin, i.e. it is separated into storage, kitchen and serving waste, and customer plate leftovers. To make daily measuring and recording easy, menus are imported by Luke researchers onto the application in advance. The waste monitoring system can be used in any type of food service, private or public sector: buffet, table service, or fast food restaurants, school or higher education refectories, hospitals etc. The application calculates food waste (originally edible and inedible) per kilogram of prepared food, and per customer. Menus can be fitted with a money value, providing financial statistics alongside the waste kg report. Daily user pop-up notices (on the app) encourage staff into positive recording. Also food donations into charity can be recorded on the Lukeloki view.

Lukeloki reports are easy to use for evaluating the most significant food waste sources. This allows further analysis on the underlying reasons, such as menu planning, portion or plate sizes, management, inventories etc.

Sign up for a measuring period here, or ask for more details by email, or from researcher Kirsi Silvennoinen (, t. +358 29 532 6540.