With the target of summarising our project findings in bite sized chunks, the ArcticHubs spring 2024 webinar series got off to a lively start in February, with the opening session sharing about the environmental impacts on hubs in the Arctic Hubs as organized in work package 2.

The objective of that block of research was to assess the changes in the Arctic environment and its ecosystem services that are caused by the different economic activities, and to distinguish these from changes due to climate change. Following an overview and scene setting introduction from WP2 coordinator Jukka Teräs, we used the webinar platform to take a closer look at the most important tool in regards to this research, which is known as DPRSIR (Drivers-Pressures-State-Impact- Response).

From left corner, Jonathan Karkut, Marco Giardino, Jukka Teräs, Karl Zinglersen

Through expert analysis provided by early career researcher, Helge Flick from project partner NORCE, we heard how our teams and stakeholders utilised the DPRSIR framework as an analysis tool for environmental changes in the Arctic region.

The second half of the webinar provided an opportunity to hear about some of the more immediate environmental changes in the Arctic hub locations, along with the consequences of economic activities locally.  The panelists, Marco Giardino from the University of TorinoKarl Zinglersen from the Greenland Institute of Natural resources, and Ragnheidur Bogadottir from the University of Faroe Islands discussed the changes in the Arctic environment and assessed differences and similarities between the Arctic hubs with regards to their environmental impact and the consequences for the sustainable development of economic activities.

The webinar attracted nearly 50 participants, and was co-organised by LUKE the lead partner of ArcticHubs, NORCE the ArcticHubs Work Package 2  leader, and the ArcticHubs communications team who facilitated the webinar.

Next in the series will be the webinar on Monday 8th April that brings the findings from WP3Exploring Local Perspectives: Insights into Existing Economic Activities in the Arctic from Selected Hubs.

We hope you can join us online for that session

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