Globalization is not a singular driving force. Instead, it consists of different kinds of international processes and challenges that may defy a strictly local solution due to their complexity. Climate change is just one example. The Arctic of the 2020s cannot be understood without placing it in the context of global interlinkages and processes that shape its futures and fortunes. Knowledge about global drivers and their local impacts is needed for a transition to a more sustainable future.

The aim of the workshop is to present WP1 research about trends, weak signals and wild cards impacting the Arctic industries. Furthermore, the global drivers affecting the futures of the people living in the European Arctic will be discussed.

Scheduled program
11:00 CET Session 1: Global drivers in the European Arctic (1,5 hrs)
Keynote 1: Michael Mann, EU’s Ambassador at Large for the Arctic
Keynote 2: Jari Vilén, Finland’s Ambassador for Barents and Northern Dimension

12:45 CET Session 2: Parallel sessions for different industries (1 hrs)
Parallel sessions for blue economy, forestry, mineral industry, and tourism
Presentations from the Arctic Hubs research team

13:45 CET Session 3: Steps forward in the European Arctic (1,5 hrs)
Panel discussion

The webinar is free of charge, and it is organised in Zoom on 30 November, 11.00-15.15 CET. Register here


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