The first Sustainable Development Forum “Common Future” was held in Moscow on 25 November. The main themes of the forum were the implementation and follow-up of the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Agenda2030) in Russia and the compatibility of national development plans with the Agenda2030. Russia is currently preparing a voluntary national review to be presented in 2020.

Environmental awareness in Russia is growing rapidly and hundreds of thousands of volunteers are taking part in environmental activities, noted Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dmitry Kobylkin in his opening speech.

The forum discussed issues such as conservation and regeneration of terrestrial ecosystems, forest fire prevention, the impact of climate change on the forest ecosystem, the role of forests in the climate program and the regime of nature reserves. Other themes were the organization of successful forest regeneration, sustainable use of forests, opportunities for public-private partnerships in forest sector development and digitalisation of forestry.

“Sohraneniye lesov”, a forest protection sub-program of the national environmental program “Ekologiya”, is one effective means of achieving the sustainable development goals, said Sergei Anoprienko, Deputy Minister and Director of the Federal Forestry Agency. The program sets the objective of doubling the forest regeneration area and includes additional measures to combat forest fires.