Quality description of roundwood price statistics in Norway


Average delivery prices at roadside (NOK per solid cubic metre under bark excl. VAT)
Total sales volumes (solid cubic metre under bark, excl. VAT)

In delivery sales the seller is responsible for the harvesting and haulage of the roundwood to a storage point along the roadside.

The Norwegian statistics also include small quantities of sales of standing timber at stumpage prices. In these cases, the felling rights are designated to the buyer. Standing sales are registered as unsorted saw logs and pulpwood.

The sales volumes and prices are based on a national register on timber trade owned by the Norwegian Agriculture Authorities. Statistics on sales volumes and delivery prices are based on the date of scaling, while standing sales are registered when the contract is signed.

Ownership categories

All categories of forest owners

Industrial roundwood trade statistics consist of sales from all categories of forest owners. Individual owners owe 79 per cent of the productive forest area, other private owners 6 per cent and the state 9 per cent. The remaining 3 per cent are common forest.

Roundwood assortments

Saw logs: spruce, pine and broad-leaved; pulpwood: spruce, pine and broad-leaved; unsorted saw logs and pulpwood: pine and spruce

Logs include all kind of special timber (poles and other timber of high quality). Dimensions and quality requirements for different roundwood assortments may differ between the buyers. The Norwegian statistics also include information on sales volumes and prices for the assortments special timber and other roundwood.

Frequency and regionality

Monthly (at quarterly basis) and annual
Whole country

Besides country level, the national roundwood price statistics are provided for 18 counties (11 from 2020). Roundwood trade volumes are published at municipality level.

Sources and coverage

The data of industrial roundwood trade are based on sales contracts and data from the timber scaling. All quantities of roundwood cut for sale are measured and reported to the Register of Timber Trade and Diverted Trust Fund, owned by the Norwegian Agriculture Authority.  Wood fuel assortments and refused timber are not included in the statistics.

Monthly statistics do not include bonuses and additional payments. In the final annual statistics, bonuses and additional payment are divided between the assortments.

Compiler of statistics

Statistics Norway

Database: https://www.ssb.no/en/statbank/list/skogav
Description: https://www.ssb.no/en/jord-skog-jakt-og-fiskeri/statistikker/skogav/aar-endelige

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Trond Amund Steinset
The Norwegian Agricultural Agency also publish timber trade statistics: https://www.landbruksdirektoratet.no/no/statistikk/skogbruk/tommeravvirkning