Countries around the Baltic Sea consume annually over 300 million cubic meters of roundwood. Also traded wood volume between the countries is remarkable – nearly 30 million cubic meters. Thus, roundwood markets of the countries are closely linked and market changes in one country will affect the markets in other countries via roundwood trade flows.

The service “Roundwood markets in the Baltic Sea region” provides compact information to keep up to date about changes especially in wood prices. At the present the service includes information on seven countries and will be supplemented during 2019. Monthly updated database is available here: PX-Web.

The service is developed under framework of the Baltic-Nordic Forest Statistics Group (BNFSG) established in 1999 to maintain and develop cooperation in the field of forest statistics and information exchange in the Baltic-Nordic region. Members of the BNFSG network represent organisations responsible for national forest sector information in countries around the Baltic Sea, the majority of them being producers of official forest statistics.