The aim is to utilize the sewage sludge from the new waste water treatment plant and biodegradable waste from municipalities in energy production and their nutrients in plant production. With Biomass Atlas it is possible to explore, how much biomass there is available in surrounding region and how much nutrients can be spread to the fields.

  1. An analysis how much biological waste and sewage sludge forms in the region. Calculation of the methanisation potential of the masses.
  2. The summary of fields and crops for evaluation the nutrient requirement. Calculation of the nutrient content of the masses.
  3. Comparing the nutrient amounts of the bio-waste and sludge with the requirements of plants.
  4. Computation of the transport distances to the fields where the nutrients from the masses can be utilized.
  5. Generating a review on which fields sludge can be spread on by selecting suitable plant groups.