In Biomass Atlas you will find GIS data and maps of different biomass and land use types:

  • forest chip potential
  • field and crop areas
  • crops and crop side streams
  • manure of production animals
  • biowaste from communities
  • biodegradable waste from companies in scale that requires environmental authorization (YLVA-database)

In this part of the portal the biomasses are described: which kind of activities produce them and what is the typical use of the biomass. Also the source of the data and its import process to Biomass Atlas is described.

Manure, field area, crops and waste data is updated when needed, and forest data approximately in every five years. All the data in Biomass Atlas is described also in Finnish metadataportal for geodata, Paikkatietohakemisto. You will find metadata behind the blue info icon, which you will find after biomass name in biomass window. Metadata can be found also in Paikkatietohakemisto by search “biomass”.

Photo in upper edge: Erkki Oksanen, Luke.