The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry finances the construction and further development of Biomass atlas. Versatile information content is possible to produce in cooperation with multiple actors.

The project is coordinated by Luke. Other partners are Finnish Environmental Institute, Tapio, University of Vaasa and University of Eastern Finland.


Natural resources institute Finland (Luke) is home organisation of Biomass atlas. It produces information on agricultural and forest biomass, builds and maintains biomass database and map service and leads the project. Information on biomass –  crop statistics, forest inventory, modeling of logs and animal manure – is produced in Luke continuously in research and as the statistics authority. In the Biomass atlas project we gather the data and shape them into uniform spatial information. Luke also takes care of project communication and promotes the introduction of a map service.

Luke’s implementors for Biomass atlas are project leader Eeva Lehtonen, senior scientists Perttu Anttila, Sari Luostarinen, Kaija Hakala and Oiva Niemeläinen, specialists Merja Lindroos (in communications) and Timo Muhonen and application developer team: specialists Virpi Alhainen and Anil Maharjan. Also leading specialist Harri Pitkänen has participated in the work.


Tapio has participated in the idea, definition, implementation, testing and launch of Biomass Atlas. Tapio is involved in further development of the Biomass Atlas, especially in forest and ash issues.

From Tapio Biomass Atlas is being implemented by forest information specialist Ari Kotiharju and corporate sustainability specialist Essi Lahti.


The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has participated in BIomass Atlas for preliminary study, implementation and further development. SYKE produces biodegradable waste and ash data for the Biomass Atlas using the Finnish emission control and monitoring database (Vahti).

From SYKE, the further development and planning of Biomass Atlas is accompanied by Researcher Suvi Lehtoranta. Kirsi Merilehto, Senior Coordinator, is responsible for producing waste information. Also Tuuli Myllymaa, Head of Unit and Teija Haavisto Senior Coordinator have participated in the work.


Harri Lehtinen, Project Manager at the Levón Institute, has participated in technical design and implementation of Biomass Atlas in the role of an IT specialist. His main area of responsibility is interface design, trial use and IT consultation.


In University of Eastern Finland the research group of environmental informatics, lead by professor Mikko Kolehmainen, has been participating in the planning of the data models and architecture of the Biomass-atlas. The focus of the work is in integrating computational models to the Biomass-atlas environment as well as to other systems. Additionally, we have been active internationally in order to advance the usage of Biomass-atlas outside Finland.