Impact is a series of high-quality, open access science reports designed to boost the dissemination of research impact. The publication features content from the world’s leading research agencies, policy groups, universities and research projects – and EFFORTE recently joined that group.

Forestry issues – for example the discussions about carbon sinks and LULUCF regulation – are constantly in the spotlight in Europe and especially in countries, where forests cover a big part of the country, or provide a lot of wealth and jobs. To meet the regulations, forest management practices need to be revised, and up-to-date research such as EFFORTE aids industry in that process.

Impact article Increasing efficiencies in the forestry industry explains step by step how EFFORTE work is organized, what the main challenges to tackle are, and what is expected. Industry connections and their use for the results are also discussed – one of the main goals is to provide information and tools that have real-life benefits for companies.

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