EFFORTE D1.1 Database and models regarding soil type specific bearing capacity and hydraulic transfer properties

EFFORTE D1.2 Database and models for soil type specific trafficability

EFFORTE D1.3 Recommendations on terrain trafficability

EFFORTE D2.1 New solutions for seedling supply chain and enhancement in planting devices;technical report – development and innovations

EFFORTE D2.2 Site preparation adjusted for mechanised planting

EFFORTE D2.3 Silvicultural feasibility of new early PCT methods

EFFORTE D2.4 Advanced biomass thinning

EFFORTE D2.5 Tool for selection of regeneration chain

EFFORTE D2.6 Economical unit size in precision forestry

EFFORTE D3.1 Mapping and SWOT analysis of existing an future Big Data sources

EFFORTE D3.2 Project database

EFFORTE D3.3 Forest trafficability maps -data sources and methods

EFFORTE D3.4 Planning for precision forestry by means of trafficability maps

EFFORTE D3.5 Logging trail visualizations and post-harvest quality control

EFFORTE D3.6 Improved efficiency in precision soil preparation and other regeneration activities – system development and architecture

EFFORTE D3.7 Harvester information for micro compartments

EFFORTE D3.8 Pilot software for improved silviculture operations

EFFORTE D4.1 Validation and analyses of expected impacts

EFFORTE D4.2 Review of additional accessories for harvesters, forwarders and skidders

EFFORTE D4.3 Organizing training courses and gentle forestry

EFFORTE D4.4 Operator tutorials and efficient information chains

EFFORTE D4.5 Validation of developed tools for operational planning

EFFORTE D4.6 Validation of cost-efficient and productive silviculture

EFFORTE D4.7 Validation and analyses of expected impacts

EFFORTE D4.8 Plan for training, workshops and seminars

EFFORTE D4.10 Plan for suggested fast tracks

EFFORTE D5.1 Promotional material and website

EFFORTE D5.2 Dissemination and communication

EFFORTE D5.3 Project management tools and communication strategy

EFFORTE D5.4 Mid-term dissemination with suitable materials

EFFORTE D5.5 Final seminar and corresponding dissemination material