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Videos: Is continuous-cover forestry on peatlands climate wise and financially profitable? SOMPA has published two videos that discuss continuous-cover forestry on peatlands.

Policy Brief: Opportunities for Peatlands and Paludiculture in the EU Common Agricultural Policy (2023-2027): Recommendations for EU Member States for their CAP Strategic Plans was prepared for the EU Pavilion day at the COP26 United Nations Climate Conference, focused on agriculture, land-use and forestry. The Policy Brief was prepared jointly by a network of international research organisations. The main author of the brief was the German Greifswald Mire Center. In Finland, scientists of SOMPA contributed to this work.

Video: Measuring soil heterotrophic respiration in Ränskälänkorpi
Using Licor LI-7810 for measuring soil CO2 and CH4 exchange in drained peatland site Ränskälänkorpi. Heterotrophic soil respirations has been measured by excluding roots by “trenching” method, where root growth has been prevented by root prevention fabric. Site is partly management by means of even-aged forest management and also by continuous cover forest management.

Policy Brief: Peatlands in the EU – Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) after 2020 was prepared jointly by experts working in related research projects in the major research institutes in Europe, including Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), National University of Ireland (NUI), and Greifswald Mire Centre. In Finland, scientists of the SOMPA contributed to this work. Read the news (6.4.2020)

Policy brief: How does the LULUCF Regulation affect EU Member States’ forest management? (Seita Romppanen) on how the new EU land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) regulation affects EU Member States’ forest management (PDF) 1/2019
Seminar presentation: Sustainable Development Goals and Land Management Practices (Raisa Mäkipää) on Viikki Sustainability Research Seminar 11.2.2019


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