In the workpackage 3 “Quality and processing of raw materials” the beneficial and antinutritional compounds will be analyzed by state of the art methods from various protein-rich crops. The most promising protein-rich raw materials will be selected for processing studies.

Germination, fermentation, enzymatic treatments as well as innovative chemical and physical techniques are used to enrich proteins, to concentrate the beneficial fractions and to eliminate the antinutritional components.

Water-binding, emulsification, solubility and other essential functional properties will be analysed from the isolates and raw materials by in-house techniques to find their suitability to food applications.

Protein-rich raw materials and their beneficial fractions will be tested to various food concepts like gluten-free foods, instant and mixed foods, pastes, juices and smoothies.

The digestibility of protein fractions and model foods generated in this WP will be analyzed by a validated in vitro digestion protocol (Cost Action INFOGEST) using commercial or human gastrointestinal enzymes.


  1. to analyse the beneficial and antinutrional components
  2. to apply processes to improve technofunctional, taste and health properties and
  3. to find suitable food applications
  4. to validate the nutritional value
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