In 2016, dairies received 2,390 million kilos (2,320 litres) of cow’s milk from farms in Finland. The figure is 4 percent higher than 10 years earlier. The corresponding milk production in the EU (28 countries) in 2016 was 152,395 million kilos and has increased by 14 percent in 10 years. Finland’s production accounted for 2% of EU production.

The largest producers of cow’s milk are Germany, with 31,973 million and France, 24,716 million kilos, followed by the UK with 14,543 million kilos, the Netherlands, 14,324 million, Poland, 11,130 million and Italy, 10,773 million kilos.

Dairy milk production volumes by country


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Dairy milk production volumes by country


Photo in upper edge: Csaba Jansik

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