The first Finnish pilot group of Fobia BOOST Site was launched in a training camp held at Ponsse locations on 11th and 12th October. We met there the Ponsse Ladies – a group of 12 active and skilful members of family enterprises in harvesting business – hosted by Mrs Tiina Nissinen from Ponsse.

We started our day one with a through training package on the new Ponsse Manager application. Ponsse Manager is an operations management system for forest machine entrepreneurs. Being StanForD2010 compatible, Ponsse Manager contributes to fleet management  and performance development of harvesting enterprises. The application enables also handling and transfer of machine data for various purposes.

Next, we were guided to the machine testing lab. Esko Havimäki, the experienced Ponsse trainer, introduced us to test our skills in identification of harvester parts. Circulating around the brand new Ponsse Cobra, even the two foresters from TTS were pondering the questions with their heads put together.

On day two, we focused on business management of harvesting enterprises. Pertti Hourunranta from TTS guided us to financial statement analysis, and its applications to timber harvesting business. From that on, I gave the Ladies a lecture of measuring, analysing, and developing productivity in logging and forwarding operations.

Finally, we came to introduction of BOOST Site, and connected to that, did a few exercises on effects of some parameters of productivity on the site-level profitability of harvesting. As with the pilots, the Ladies promised to familiarize themselves with a study module Business Management, and give feedback of their studies to TTS trainers. That promise really was an enjoyable ending for an educating training session.

Text: Arto Kettunen, BOOST Site Trainer, TTS