Savon Taimen, established in 1967, is a leading Finnish fingerling provider of rainbow trout. Savon Taimen and its subsidiaries form a group of fish farming companies producing salmonid fingerlings for aquaculture and for re-stocking purposes.

The group of companies consists of two parent companies. Hanka-Taimen Oy and its subsidiaries are specialised in hatchery operations and fingerling and smolt production. Savon Taimen Oy and its subsidiaries focus on fry production and on-growing of rainbow trout and European whitefish, as well as the production of fully grown fish for the food product industry.

They have thirteen production units across Finland and their numerous production plants provide with sufficient capacity and enable production featuring local conditions, as well as flexible deliveries based on operating close to the customer. Savon Taimen Oy started operating a new fish farm deploying the recirculating techniques in late 2009.

In AquaIMPACT, Savon Taimen has produced rainbow trout families to be genotyped and recorded for fish diseases under commercial farm conditions. Savon Taimen will together with the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and Roslin Institute plan and exploit the results for the benefit of rainbow trout broodstock management.