Feature articles in Aquaculture Europe magazine

Rye M, Nirea KG, Thorland I, Refstie T, Thodesen J, Papaharisis L, Koskinen H, Nousiainen A & Kause A. 2021 Highlights from multigenerational breeding programs in the European aquaculture sector case studies on rainbow trout, gilthead seabream and European seabass. Aquaculture Europe 45(1): 5-9. Available for members only.

Terova G, Naya-Català F, Rimoldi S, Piazzon MC, Torrecillas S, Toxqui MS, Fontanillas R, Calduch-Giner J, Hostins B, Sitjà-Bobadilla A, Montero D, Pérez-Sánchez J. 2022. Highlights from gut microbiota survey in farmed fish – European sea bass and gilthead sea bream case studies. Aquaculture Europe 47(1): 5-10. Available for members only.

AquaIMPACT videos

Presentations at Aquaculture Europe 2021 congress:

Mariojouls C, Latvala T, Gines R, Muller L. Do consumers want information about aquaculture? Link here.

Piazzon MC, Naya-Català F, Perera E, Palenzuela O, Sitjà-Bobadilla A, Pérez-Sánchez J. Genetic selection for growth drives differences in intestinal microbiota composition and parasite disease resistance in gilthead sea bream. Link here.

Dagnachew BS, Thorland I, Hillestad B, Kettunen A. Genetic variation for climate change resilience in growth of Atlantic salmon. Link here.

Fraslin C, Nousiainen A, Koskinen H, Houston RD, Kause A. Genomic basis of resistance to Flavobacterium columnare in rainbow trout. Link here.

Roozeboom C, Komen H, Bastiaansen JWM. Comparing selection response and inbreeding level in family and group mating designs of sea bream and sea bass. Link here.

Vandeputte M, Corraze G, Doerflinger J, Enez F, Clota F, Terrier F, Horat M, Larroquet L, Dechamp N et al. Evaluation of genetic gain in rainbow trout fed standard or “future” diet after 10 generations of multi-trait selection in the Aqualande selective breeding program. Link here.

Kause A, Nousiainen A, Koskinen H. Role of selective breeding in the improvement of feed efficiency at rainbow trout farms. Link here.

Webinars and videos of AquaIMPACT results:

‘Genetics shape microbial makeup in gilthead sea bream’ based on the paper by Piazzon et al. (2020; Microbiome 8, 168). Link here.

‘Improving resource efficiency and disease resistance of farmed fish by selective breeding’ by Antti Kause, presented at “On the Horizon” event organized by EATiP and FEAP, October 2021. Link here.

‘EAStalk webinar: Fish and gut microbiota dialogue. Towards standard methods and genetics, nutrition and host transcriptomic interactions’. Link here.

‘EAS Podcast with Sustainable European Aquaculture 4.0’. This was organized and distributed by our Stakeholder Group member EAS. Link here.

‘Using genomics now and in future in aquaculture’. AQUACULTURE GENOMICS webinar series with AQUA-FAANG. March 2023. Link here.

‘Disease resistance and immune response’. AQUACULTURE GENOMICS webinar series with AQUA-FAANG. April 2023. Link here.

‘EAS talk: AquaIMPACT – Benefit and implementation of selective breeding and genomic selection in aquaculture.’ by Bastiaansen J (WU) & Kause A (Luke). April 2023. Available for EAS members only.

‘Genome editing & future advances’. AQUACULTURE GENOMICS webinar series with AQUA-FAANG. May 2023. Link here.

‘EAS talk: Nutritional programming in Atlantic salmon and gilthead sea bream: interplay between epigenetics and genetics.’ by Stuart McMillan (U Stirling) & Alvaro Belenguer (CSIC). July 2023. Available for EAS members only.

Scientific publications of AquaIMPACT can be found here