Aquaculture Genomics webinar series 2023

AquaIMPACT organised a webinar series together with AQUA-FAANG covering different aspects of genomic applications in aquaculture. Recordings are now publicly available! Genomic editing & future advances – Future advances of using genomics in breeding programs Disease resistance & immune response – European Seabass case study Using genomics now and in future in aquaculture – Pedigree-based and genomic selection in aquaculture breeding

Newsletter 2/2023: Focus on genomic selection in aquaculture

This time the focus for the newsletter is on genomic selection in aquaculture. AquaIMPACT is a major effort to integrate the fields of fish breeding and nutrition to increase the competitiveness of EU’s aquaculture of Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, gilthead sea bream and European sea bass, to ensure food and nutrition security, and to satisfy consumer demands for high-quality seafood with limited environmental impact. During the last four years, AquaIMPACT …