ULPGC logoULPGC (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) is a Spanish university located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the capital city of Gran Canaria island. ULPGC has the oldest Marine Science Faculty and Aquaculture training in Spain.

The Aquaculture Research Group (GIA), the research group involved in AquaIMPACT has over 35 years of experience in aquaculture research and collaboration with Mediterranean fish farming and feed manufacturing industry, particularly in the areas of selective breeding, juvenile quality, fish health and welfare, nutrition and feeds development, consumer perception, and aquaculture-environment relations.

ULPGC research group has taken part in over 20 EU-funded projects and coordinating several of them. They have also led over 140 aquaculture research projects.

“Our experiments within the AquaIMPACT have demonstrated how both marine species (gilthead sea bream and European sea bass) selected for higher growth not only grow better when fed current commercially formulated diets but are also able to perform properly when fed with new emergent ingredients as an alternative to conventional ones, resulting in higher production yields and profiling selective breeding programs as a key tool in an actual era of aquafeed formulation”, says Professor Daniel Montero, leader of the ULPGC team.

In AquaIMPACT, ULPGC team focuses on fish nutrition and has conducted experiments related with health and welfare of sea bream and sea bass. Together with other partners, they conduct experiments dealing with growth performance, health and quality of fish with different genetic backgrounds, fed with current diets and expected future diets. In addition, they take care of the on-growing protocols and validation of the growth models together with other partners and participate in increasing societal awareness.