AquaIMPACT industry partner SPAROS carried out a training course on the FEEDNETICSTM  software to promote AquaIMPACT results with an impact for the aquaculture sector.

FEEDNETICSTM  is a smart-software to support aquafeed formulation and optimize sustainable fish feeding. The software is used by fish farmers to optimize feeding; aquafeed companies to provide tailored client support; and academics to leverage their research. Read more about FEEDNETICSTM:

In the first day during the hands-on part of the course the participants were able to use the FEEDNETICSTM  web-application guided by a case study presented by Ana Nobre from SPAROS. They could screen different feeding strategies for different temperature profiles to evaluate which has the potential to improve FCR, reduce the time to harvest, enhance growth, economic conversion, and reduce nitrogen and phosphorus waste.

During the second day Filipe Soares from SPAROS illustrated how to use FEEDNETICSTM to evaluate the performance of different Nile tilapia strains including the assessment of the economic benefits of the improved strains.

The participants included staff from fish farms, aquafeed sector, as well aquaculture researchers and PhD students.

In addition to the exercises with the software, they learned about the most updated outcomes of the AquaIMPACT presented by the project leader Antti Kause (Luke), and the partners Daniel Montero (ULPGC), Marc Vandeputte (INRAE), Kahsay Nirea (Benchmark Genetics Norway), Luís Conceição (SPAROS) and Tomé Silva (SPAROS).


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