One of the aims of AquaIMPACT is to increase the awareness of consumers, regulators and policy makers on sustainable aquaculture, and to communicate the societal impacts of the technologies developed in AquaIMPACT. This is needed so that consumers will have information for making decisions on their preferred food choices. Additionally, there may be a need to clarify potential misconceptions.

On the other hand, for the scientific community, open-access publishing and open-data practices represent ways to elaborate knowledge transfer, impact and credibility. To reflect this need, the European Commission has launched an Open Research Europe, a scientific open-access publishing platform service. It is cost-free for the beneficiaries of EU-funded projects.

Naturally, AquaIMPACT alone cannot accomplish the ambitious goals of increasing awareness. Rather, AquaIMPACT is a part of the large entity of EU-funded projects to distribute science-based information on aquaculture practices.

The Newsletter 4 is a small-but-essential step towards these goals. Check the newsletter from here.

– Antti Kause (Natural Resources Institute Finland, Luke), the AquaIMPACT coordinator