SYSAAF is the French association of poultry, aquaculture and insect breeding companies. It groups together companies developing programs of genetic improvement and management applied to poultry, fish and oyster species and another species like insects.

SYSAAF - Nos entreprises et nos startups - Notre écosystèmeWith the staff of 16 geneticists and biologist and 4 PhD, SYSAAF acts as a technical centre specialised in genetic improvement and advices over 42 companies developing breeding programs of more than 23 species. SYSAAF expertise and applied know-how are in the development and application of genetic database system to collect phenotypes and pedigree in aquaculture species, to estimate genetic and genomic breeding values, to identify selection candidates to increase performance and to manage inbreeding.

SYSAAF has also developed expertise in Africa, Asia and South America to advise mostly shrimp breeding programs. SYSAAF manages or participates to different national or European R&D projects to improve breeding practices. Recent advances are in the development of genomic arrays (57 K SNP) in seabass and sea bream and application of genomic selection in rainbow trout, sea bass, sea bream, pacific oyster or shrimp to improve production or processing traits, flesh quality (colour, lipids and fatty acid composition), disease resistance and reproductive traits.

“SYSAAF also participates or coordinates several R&D projects as a new EMFF project to estimate genetic parameters of fatty acids composition in rainbow trout in using Raman spectroscopy technology. SYSAAF has the human resources, computer, database, software equipment, genomic pipeline and expertise to estimate genetic parameters and genomic breeding values for continuous and threshold trait”, says Dr. Pierrick Haffray, manager of the Aquaculture Unit.

In AquaIMPACT SYSAAF provides technical assistance for sampling, analysis and phenotyping for 3 French breeding companies partners (FMD and Aqualande) or Third parties (EMG), coordinates data collection and analysis, and estimate genetic parameter and genomic breeding value estimation. As also member of the AquaIMPACT Board, SYSAAF is participating to the management of the project and the diffusion of the results.