Dorset was established in 1984, when they started to produce pig feeding systems. Dorset Identification (Dorset ID) is one of the three branches in Dorset, and it has been involved in electronic identification systems since 1989.

Dorset is developing decoders and antennas for radio frequency identification (RFID) systems for various applications in industrial applications and for animal behavior studies with a team that consists of both hardware and software engineers. The decoder boards are engineered, drawn and tested in house, only the assembly of components is done externally. Also antennas are built by own staff, which includes 9 people.

“One of the applications for our equipment is the identification of fish; our equipment is used from Norway to Chile to identify all kind of fish. In cooperation with Wageningen University we have already build a manual phenotype system to make selection of fish easier”, says Roland Stump, managing director.

What is the role of Dorset ID in AquaIMPACT?

In WP1 Genomic Innovations, Dorset ID is responsible for the hardware of the system, i.e., identification of the fish when passing the antenna, provide the hardware to capture images, providing the right condition to make the required images, transportation of the fish and an automatic selection mechanism to select those fish that meet the selection criteria.

The frame of the sorting system is finished, the conveyor finally arrived after having been delayed due to the virus. ‘So now we are to continue assembling the line and hope to run some initial test end of June’ says Roland Stump.