There are many things happening in European aquaculture at the moment. Hear what top researchers are discussing about the developments and research in aquaculture! The podcast was recorded by the European Aquaculture Society in October 2019.

Listen to the podcast: 

In recent years, advancements in enabling technologies have lead to completely novel innovations that are now being implemented within the aquaculture industry. In this podcast, Tamás Bardócz (AquaBioTech Group, Malta), Åsa Maria O. Espmark (NOFIMA, Norway), and Antti Kause (Luke, Finland) discuss the latest developments in the interacting fields of digital information technology, genomics and circular economy applied in farm management and monitoring, fish nutrition, feeding and selective breeding. These topics are developed together with the industry and researchers in the three Horizon 2020 EU-projects, AquaIMPACT, FutureEUAqua and iFishIENCi, funded under the topic ‘Sustainable European Aquaculture 4.0: Nutrition and Breeding Innovations’.