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SPAROS is a Portuguese technology-driven SME dedicated to the development of new products and tailored nutritional solutions for the aquaculture market. It offers the alliance of a strong scientific background in the areas of fish nutrition and aquaculture, with a pilot-scale feed technology platform.

SPAROS’ has strong background in the development of tools, focusing on mechanistic modelling and omic technologies, to predict biological performance and feed utilization of fish under different nutritional and environmental scenarios. SPAROS R&D effort over the last 8 years also allowed the launch commercial feed products for aquaculture, biomedical and ornamental markets.


In AquaIMPACT, SPAROS is leading the work on ‘Investing in future: Nutrition in genetically superior fish’. SPAROS will bring its expertise in feed formulations and modelling predictive tools, and its participation will have the FEEDNETICS software as a central part. FEEDNETICS software is developed by SPAROS and it predicts growth, waste production, feed costs and fish fatty acid composition, when different feed formulations, feeding regimes and temperature profiles are given. FEEDNETICS allows feed producers to perform nutritional experiments in a computer “in silico” before making the feeds in reality, and provides fish farmers a tools to benchmark different feeds and also to optimize feeding regimes.

Fish growth, body composition and waste output can be mathematically predicted in the FEEDNETICS software. Photo: SPAROS.