The Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre is the global research organisation for Skretting, one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of aquaculture feeds.

Image result for skretting arc logo"Skretting has long and impressive history – it was established already in 1899 in Stavanger, Norway. Skretting’s products and services are targeted to eight core species: Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, seabass, seabream, shrimp, tilapia and tuna. AquaIMPACT focusses to first four of those.

“Our mission is based on the challenge of feeding a global population that is forecast to reach 9 billion people by 2050. The fast growing world population, increased urbanisation, a growing middle class and changing diets will together lead to a surge in demand of protein for human consumption, especially in emerging markets” says senior researcher Ramon Fontanillas.

Skretting ARC works to contribute to meeting the rising food needs in a sustainable manner. For them it means seeking innovative ways to raise the efficiency and nutritional value of the products, the productivity of own activities and those of their customers, and to reduce the environmental impact of the value chains – all this sustainably, naturally.

Skretting ARC in AquaIMPACT

In AquaIMPACT, Skretting ARC is involved in formulating and producing feeds for experiments which focus on nutritional innovations and precision nutrition for superior fish genotypes. To produce the experimental diets to carry out the experiments with fish by the other partners, Skretting ARC has feed technology pilot plant, which reproduces at pilot scale the feed manufacturing process.

Photo: Skretting ARC