The work package Profitability and policy instruments for the new GHG mitigation methods will yield estimates of the costs, benefits and profitability for landowners and farmers and the possible effects of the policy instruments on profitability and emission mitigation costs

The aims are

  • To draw detailed and specific calculations that may be applied to various cost, benefit and profitability scenarios
  • To develop profitability calculations and calculation models that apply to the central actions, with special emphasis on private economy entrepreneurship: which specific methods and preconditions will be profitable for the landowners and farmers?
  • To gather and appraise the views of the calculations from the interested parties
  • To report the impact analyses of the policy instruments for mitigation of the GHG emissions from agricultural and forested peatlands. To which extent and by which precondition are substantial GHG emission mitigations on peatlands possible?
  • To bring about the economy viewpoints of the SOMPA project to the policy makers: What control mechanisms would be most cost efficient GHG emission mitigating methods using public financing, also from a socio-economic point of view?