The first Northern “4 per 1000” European regional meeting will be held in Helsinki on 6–8 June 2023.

SOMPA’s agricultural topics are discussed in the parallel session on Agricultural organic soils on Wednesday 7 June chaired by SOMPA’s Stakeholder Collaboration Expert Kati Berninger. SOMPA WP leader Kristiina Lång will present a keynote “The importance of agricultural peat soils from Finland’s perspective” in the session.

The event connects real-world farming, policy, research, and business to help us transition towards healthy soils and productive, highly resilient agriculture. There will be sharing of new scientific insights and vital exchange between different actors who in their own way and on different levels all promote soil health and soil carbon sequestration. The whole event programme can be seen here.

Register for online participation via this form by 1st of June.

The event is organised by Baltic Sea Action Group in collaboration with the “4 per 1000” Initiative. The event is part of the EU Green Week 2023.