In recent years, significant model developments have been made in modelling peatland ecosystems. These developments have been motivated by the importance of these ecosystems to green-house gas emissions and to forestry. Therefore, it is also central to understand how they respond to changing conditions and management.

In this seminar, we take a look at processes driving peatland ghg emissions and growth, as well as novel modelling approaches to quantify their ghg impacts at larger scales.

First session, chair Mikko Peltoniemi, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

09:00 Opening
09:05 Annamari Lauren, University of Eastern Finland: Towards holistic simulation models in peatland research
09:25 Leena Stenberg, Luke: Simulating the effect of strip cuttings on drained peatland forest water table
09:45 Iniaki Urzainqui, Luke: Restoration through dams. A hydrological modelof an Indonesian peatland
10:05 Paavo Ojanen, Luke: Peat soil greenhouse gas emissions due to various harvesting types in continuous cover vs. rotation forestry


Second session, chair Kersti Leppä, Luke

10:40 Aleksi Lehtonen, Luke: Assessing the emission reduction potential of continuous cover forestry on drained peatlands in Finland by MELA model
11:00 Tiina Markkanen, Finnish Meteorological Institute: Climate scenario simulations of peatland forest site carbon balances under continuous cover and rotation forestry
11:20 Inese Huttunen, Finnish Environment Institute: Joint use of the PREBAS and VEMALA models in catchment scale scenario analyses – plans for pilot areas
11:40 Closing

Organised by Sompa and Unite

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