Two protein supply chains that capture several supply chain stages are described and analyzed in the empirical research conducted by the Food System Studies Research Group at the University of Jyväskylä. The term ”stage” comprises focal companies of the supply chains as well as n-tiers of suppliers and n-tiers of customers. We apply a case study method and focus on a protein supply chain as an analytical unit.

Our theoretical aim is to explore the sustainability of the novel protein supply chains. The term ”sustainability” is used here to comprise multiple values for a sustainable food system, including quality, social values, environment, health, economy and governance. Our research question is: What values for a sustainable food system are associated with novel protein supply chains and how are they operationalized?

We have two unique cases that represent novel protein supply chains.

Case 1: The supply chain is operated by Gold&Green Foods Oy, which is the manufacturer of a plant-based Pulled Oats (Nyhtökaura) product. Key suppliers include the processors of oats, fababean and pea proteins.

Case 2: The supply chain is operated by Järki Särki Oy, which is the manufacturer of a common roach based Järki särki product. Key suppliers include local fishermen in the lakes of Central Finland.

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