Policymakers and authorities gave their feedback to Manure Standards project team in a Policy workshop organised in Warsaw, Poland, on 6 November 2018. Among other feedback, the importance of communicating the project results and the possible next steps was emphasised.

The first results of the project – drafts of the calculation tool, guidelines for manure sampling and analysis and the HELCOM recommendation on the use of national manure standards – were presented to the policy makers and authorities. Feedback from the end-users of the new manure data is important for ensuring the data meets their needs.

The workshop participants emphasised the on-going importance of spreading the message that manure is a valuable resource and more precise manure use reduces the need for mineral fertilisers. Also, the different requirements and capabilities of small and large farms and the potential economic impacts of updated manure data were highlighted.

The Policy workshop was organised by Manure Standards project in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland and HELCOM. The workshop gathered 30 participants from almost all Baltic Sea region countries.

Read the workshop report here.

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