On-farm sampling and analysis of manure provides farm-specific information that can improve the utilisation of manure resources. Manure Standards project has developed in a wide research-practice cooperation step-by-step manure sampling instructions to make manure sampling on farms easy, effective and more harmonised. 

Reliable information on the nutrient content of manure is necessary in order to develop a comprehensive nutrient management plan that maximises the effectiveness of crop use and growth and, at the same time, minimises nutrient run-off and pollution of adjacent waterways. On-farm manure sampling and analysis, according to the instructions found in the Manure Standards’ latest publication, can provide the required data for better manure management.

As manure is a heterogeneous material, choosing an appropriate sampling technique is important to get a representative sample for manure analysis. The manure sampling instructions provide simple and visual step-by-step instructions for sampling different manure types.

The instructions are targeted especially to farmers and farmer advisor organisations.

Read the instructions by clicking the picture:

Manure sampling instructions


More information: Åsa Myrbeck, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (asa.myrbeck(a)ri.se)


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