On 21-22 February 2018 in Warsaw the “Challenges for agricultural advisory after 2020” conference was held together with the EUFRAS General Assembly.

EUFRAS (European Forum for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services) is an European network and representative association of public and private rural and agricultural extension services. Approximately 150 participants took part in the meeting, including farmers, agricultural advisors, government authorities, chambers of agriculture, private entities and EUFRAS representatives.

The conference was aimed to share the knowledge and experience on the ongoing and future activities concerning the agricultural advisory services in Europe. It was focused on the topics of Improvement of agricultural advisory service efficiency through using of various tools, methods and IT technology as well as the issue of financial support for advisory service and knowledge innovation transfer within the framework of Rural Development Program Proposals for solutions in new financial perspective.

During the conference, a plenary session dedicated to the implementation of projects under European Union’s Horizon 2020 and Interreg programs was held, combined with a poster session presenting the objectives, goals and the first results of the implemented projects. Manure Standards project was presented during the poster session and at the information booth.


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