Objectives of WP3:

  • to develop joint guidelines and a simple tool for calculating manure quantity and quality for different animal categories and┬ámanure types,
  • to include possibilities to use national background data on e.g. feeding, housing and storage, to ensure country-specificity, and
  • to test and validate the calculation system using the manure data collected in WP2 on pilot farms.

The calculation proceeded as a mass balance starting from feeding and excretion of the animals and proceeded to the manure management chain in housing and storage. The most important animal categories (e.g. species, age groups, production levels) and manure management options (e.g. housing types, storage types, bedding and water use, losses during housing and storage) were included. Guidelines for basic calculation of manure ex animal, ex housing and ex storage were determined. Simultaneously development of already existing manure calculation systems (e.g. in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia) were developed due to the information exchange the project facilitates.

Photo: Sari Luostarinen

See the publications and calucation tools of WP3 in the Results page.

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