Finland Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Agency for Rural Affairs
Association for ProAgria Centres
Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, South Ostrobothnia
Poland Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
National Chemical – Agricultural Station
Malopolska Association for Agricultural Extension
Sweden Rural Economy and Agricultural Society
The County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland
Estonia Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of Rural Affairs
The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce
Agricultural Research Centre
Denmark The Danish AgriFish Agency
Danish Svine Production Center
Association of Danish Milk Farmers
BioCover (BC)
Lithuania Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania
Lithuanian Agriculture Advisory Service
Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania
Germany International Scientific Center for Fertilizers
German Agricultural Society (DLG)
agri.kultur (AK)
Hanse Agro (HA)
Latvia Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia
Latvia University of Agriculture
Ltd Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre
Russia Committee for Agroindustry and Fisheries Complex of Leningrad
General Administration of Agriculture and State Technical Supervision of the Pskov Region
Saint-Petersburg State Agrarian University
Kaliningrad institute of retraining specialists agribusiness


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