Results of the project

At the moment the project has resulted in a couple of useful tools for nature entrepreneurs.

The first tool is the result of work package 4 (responsible partner: County Administrative Board in Västerbotten).

That we feel good about being in nature is well established, but in what type of nature and in what places do we feel best? WP 4 has developed and produced a map through which you can find areas that support recovery and health, as well as an application through which natural experiences can be registered on the map. You can find the map by clicking here.


The work within work package 5 (responsible partner: Centria) has resulted in a pilot course for nature entrepreneurs. The course was based on the results of the project.


In work package 6 the research is ongoing, with measurements of physiological and mental health effects when staying in nature with a nature entrepreneur. (Responsible partner: Umeå University.)


The second work package where the result is completed is work package 7: Guide for entrepreneurs (Responsible partner: Centria). The goal with the guidebook is that nature entrepreneurs not only use nature in their activities but learn how to protect nature and how to become ambassadors for ecological and socio-cultural sustainability. In this way, nature entrepreneurs can learn how to actively take care of the natural and cultural heritage. The guidebook is written in Swedish and can be found on issuu by cklicking here.