In the beginning of March, the FoodAfrica team packed their bags and headed to Kenya to attend Nairobi Innovation week. In addition to continuing the dissemination work of our research results, the team wanted to create a forum where new business opportunities between international companies, research institutes, and the public sector could be born.

For that, the programme joined forces with the Embassy of Finland in Nairobi to organise an innovation workshop: Improving Food Security Through Shared Value and Innovation. Almost 120 people from different parts of the world participated in the workshop to find new opportunities for research and business collaboration. Passionate researchers and startup entrepreneurs shared their stories and an interest of making food safer and readily available in Africa.

The workshop culminated in a pitching event, where the teams presented their ideas. The jury prize went to a concept called Sure Food, which would offer consultation for food producers on food safety as well as certificates that would guarantee their food is safe to eat. Another key driver for the concept is raising public awareness on food safety.

Our other side events for Nairobi Innovation Week included a scientific seminar at the University of Nairobi in which the FoodAfrica results and possible next steps were discussed.

To have a quick taste of our workshop, watch the video below.

For more information on FoodAfrica’s impact, read the Results Booklet here.