Families are receiving important information aiming to improve their nutrition and health via educational video material produced and disseminated by the GloCal project that works in collaboration with the FoodAfrica programme. The videos are targeting mothers, children and families and are applicable basically everywhere.

GloCal (Global issues in Local context) is a project of the University of Helsinki, Finland, aiming to improve the nutrition and health of families around the world through a monitoring application and educational videos, based on WHO guidelines. The FoodAfrica programme is collaborating closely with the GloCal programme and especially with the dissemination of the video material.

The preliminary work has been carried out in Kenya, where the effectiveness of the video set is currently being tested with 1200 mothers in urban and rural areas. Currently the African GloCal video set is complete including 45 videos on maternal nutrition and health, breastfeeding and complementary feeding as well as child health and hygiene. All the videos in six languages can be seen on the project webpage.

In 2017 the GloCal videos will be disseminated in three African countries, Uganda, Senegal and Ghana, as a part of the Food Africa programme.

Dissemination of the video material will continue even after FoodAfrica comes to its end, as cooperation with World Vision continues. The translation of the videos into two local languages has already started in Uganda in collaboration with World Vision. In Senegal, the GloCal-videos will be disseminated together with FELM and the collaboration has been planned to begin in March 2017. The preliminary negotiations with World Vision about co-operation in Ghana have been started and the actual work is planned to take place during autumn 2017.