– During the fall, we tested it in sharp condition, says company developer Ebbe Lindberg, who is responsible for the course.

The desire for a method course of its own has been good for a while, and in recent times demand has increased significantly. A lot of things are about hand-polishing the shape – finding small and good things that together make the driver-machine cooperation even sharper. The demand for a course has been big for a long time:

– Especially in southern Sweden. In the north people have worked in a different way: historically there has been stronger culture to work with method instructors.

The big thing is to make the driver and the machine sharper together.

– The method instructor can often start with a driver adaptation of the crane, but they are good at finding all that little extra, says Ebbe Lindberg.

Skogsentreprenörerna have joined five machine operators on a consultancy basis, who have previously had experience of working with technology and method.

The arrangement itself is relatively simple; a three-step package – where the first part is devoted to theoretically using process maps to find the time thieves in everyday life. The second part is located in the field, with the close-up studies of driving technique and fine tuning of machines.

To reduce the risks of falling back to old patterns, day three will follow up few months later.

Ebbe Lindberg has high hopes that many now will take the chance to sharpen their ways to work. Linberg also hopes operators don’t misunderstand the message.

– This is not about teaching anyone to drive a machine. Our method training is for further sharpening by setting the machine correctly, and providing tips and advice for ultimately working smarter and making the best use of time!