The FOBIA project aims to build practical tools that can help to enhance and in improve operational efficiency of forestry businesses. Currently in development is a tool that reads operational monitoring data (mom files) of forest machines (harvesters and forwarders).  This tool is in an early testing stage, and when completed, it provides potentially useful application for forestry businesses. The open-source application will be available for anyone to access online. In addition to the research element, the application can be used to develop various business management applications related to operational efficiency. Why not test the application yourself by clicking this link: FOBIA StanForD2010 parser. New functions will be added later, and work to create a user-friendly output format is in the planning stage. Please contact Markku Koistinen to provide any feedback and insights that might be useful to the development of the tool, and do not hesitate to ask Markku any questions or queries you might have about the application.

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