In Ireland the project work is being done by The Waterford Institute of Technology. WIT has a history of working on research on harvesting methods and systems, such as residue bundling, stump harvesting, whole tree harvesting, and biomass harvesting in cut to length systems. With the FOBIA project, WIT aims to bring much of the experience and expertise of the partners in Finland, Sweden and Scotland into Ireland to benefit contractors of both harvesting and silvicultural operations.

Currently, WIT are collecting information about contractors operating in Ireland. This information will be used within the project to develop training materials and digital tools which will be focused on improving forest contractor business and management skills. When developed, WIT will pilot these tools in Ireland, hosting workshops and training events, to get feedback on their usefulness in Ireland.

WIT are also working with Finnish partner Luke to help harvesting contractors in Ireland to better understand their harvester data. A lot of data is recorded on the computers on harvesting machines (StanforD data), however some contractors do not have the time to spend analysing it. WIT have gotten tools and expertise from Luke to work with this data. WIT are seeking harvesting contractors who would like to have their data analysed. WIT will be able to look at their data, and give useful information back the contractors about their machines.

If you are a harvesting contractor, and are interested in getting information back from you harvester data, get in touch using the contact details below. Likewise, if you are contractor engaged in establishment, and are interested in the project and the materials we are developing, please contact us.

Contact information:

Enda Coates