Soil bearing capacity and risk for soil deformation is connected to weather conditions. The impact of soil moisture on bearing capacity is known to be strongest in cohesive, fine-grained soils (i.e. clays and loams) and weakest in sandy soils. What if we need to know more about the trafficability – is there a way to predict it? See our deliverable D1.2 Database and models for soil type specific trafficability and read more!

Another deliverable, EFFORTE D1.3 Recommendations on terrain trafficability aids practitioners, particularly forest managers and logging companies to help them improving forest planning, e.g. seasonal timing of harvesting sites, and supervision of logging operations. This report focuses on lessons learnt from research voiced out in a comprehensive and simple manner for physical risk mitigation on forest soils during logging operations. The results of the previous tasks of EFFORTE’s WP1 are synthetized and converted into recommendations.