Luke’s principal research scientist Jori Uusitalo has received two recognitions for his successful work related to harvesting.

In March, Uusitalo was rewarded with Einarin lomppi –recognition reward for his work in predicting, modeling and controlling the wood raw material with advanced technology, in utilizing real time raw material and location information in wood harvesting and producing learning material of the field.

The Einarin lomppi –recognition was invented by Einari Vidgren, the late founder of Ponsse. It has been granted since 2006 to a successful industrial forester, who has significantly contributed to the mechanical harvesting based on cut-to-length logging.

In May, Uusitalo received also Einari’s recognition prize awarded by Einari Vidgren foundation. The foundation recognizes research and product development parties, developers of the education of the field and parties that raise the appreciation and awareness of the field. In 2018, the emphasis was in development work of the safety in wood harvesting industry.

As a principle research scientist in Natural Resources Institute Finland, Jori Uusitalo’s main work is to idealize and prepare research projects from three to four each year. At the moment Uusitalo with his teams have three interesting research themes: harvesting on soft lands, developing the control of tree cutting and overall control of wood acquisition.

Uusitalo is pleased that solutions to harvesting on soft lands are researched with extensive cooperation and in good spirit.

– I have never regretted my career choice. Research of wood harvesting is a great and interesting field of study, where high-technology is combined with utilizing natural resources.


Text: Meliina Leppälä, Luke