Finding suitable areas for landing sites can be challenging in forest operations. Skogforsk has in EFFORTE project developed a GIS model that shows suitable landing areas in adjacent to forest roads.

The accuracy is up to 90% compared to recently used landings. Choosing a good location for the landing is an important part of the drive. The location must be where it is easy to unload and load wood products close to the forest operations.

Skogforsk has developed a GIS model that, using geodata, can identify locations suitable for landings on forest roads. The model takes into account the terrain and possible obstacles. The evaluations show a great potential. In 69 to 88 percent of cases, the model has identified suitable zones for discharge.

The cutting-edge model can be combined with the prototype tool Bestway, which is used to optimize the strip roads from the funnel to the finish. At the same time, adjustments can be made to the wood’s timber volume to ensure that the landing spot holds the timber volume. The model can be used before the field is visited to reduce the time in field.

An analysis of the possible forest road improvement needs should be made together with the mapping of suitable landing spots so that improvements either to the landing spots, roads or both could be implemented at the same time

In the ongoing work, Skogforsk wants to look at how the model can be included in the Bestway tool and carry out more tests together with forestry industry. The researchers also want to investigate whether certain obstacles could be handled differently to make the model even more accurate.


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