The 28th of March, 2017, a scientific workshop was organized at FCBA’s headquarters in France, dealing with forest soil trafficability and all the potential impacts such as compaction and rutting due to intense traffic during logging operations.

Image: Emmanuel Cacot/FCBA

About 20 people attended to this meeting, coming from seven European countries and 13 research organizations. The objectives were to:

  • Bring together a scientific community around the theme of forest soil trafficability;
  • Exchange on the work carried out by each of us (on-going or past projects, experimental sites and field tests);
  • Discuss the protocols implemented / to be implemented within EFFORTE;
  • Develop synergies between these actions (intra-EFFORTE and in relation to other projects).

The discussions were intense, constructive and very useful to carry out the work in WP1. As a result, a new version of the common protocol, defined for this work package, has been defined.

This scientific community wants to keep in contact and a new workshop is planned for the 2018 FORMEC conference.