Land tenure in the Faroes is a combination of private and public ownership with land-use practices and regulations that go far back in time. These practices and regulations, however, do not necessarily take into account new challenges in relation to natural resource exploitation and leisure activities that are rapidly increasing with growing tourism and other economic activities.

BuSK project aims at contributing to the planning process of tourist routes in order to mitigate land use conflicts.
Conflicting relations between owners of the land (farmers) and those who want to use it for other land-use modes have increased recently and will most likely continue to do. Especially since the opening of a sub-sea tunnel between Sandoy island and the mainland within few years will make access to the island easier.

A main focus in the Faroese case of the BuSK project is to develop tools for participatory land-use mapping in peripheral communities. As an example, a PPGIS survey about land-use practices has now been launched for the general public on Sandoy island.

The aim with the survey is to collect data about how Sandoy residents use and perceive of the Sandoy landscape. Their knowledge on land-use will provide valuable information in future land-use management and planning.

The survey is planned together with the Tourism Office on Sandoy island and involves several other local stakeholders as well.

The map-based inquiry is an addition to the already conducted interviews among local and national authorities and stakeholders about participatory land-use management.



Text: Ragnheidur Bogadóttir & Marita Svartá

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