Karelia CBC -ohjelman ensimmäisellä hakukierroksella on hyväksytty rahoitettavaksi 20 projektia, joista 9 liittyy yritystoimintaan ja 11 ympäristöön.

Rahoituksen suuruus on 4,8 miljoonaa euroa teemalle “Growing cross-border business cooperation” ja 5,8 miljoonaa euroa teemalle “Clean and comfortable region to live”.

Valittujen joukossa on muun muassa seuraavat metsiin liittyvät projektit:

  • ”Boosting Forest Cluster SME Business in two Karelias” Natural Resources Institute Finland (KA4002): Increasing cross-border business activities and cooperation of SMEs in forest cluster.
  • ”Advanced forest nursery”, University of Eastern Finland (KA4011): Developing an innovative model of the forest nursery business in Karelia based on the best Finnish practices.
  • ”Diverse and clean forests- successful bioeconomy”, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) (KA5002): Increasing knowledge and awareness on the environmental factors controlling yields and health-promoting compounds of non-wood forest products (NWFP; berries and other valuable plant species) during the life cycle of managed forests.
  • ”Sustainability Under Pressure: Environmental Resilience in natural and cultural heritage areas with intensive recreation”, Non-profit Partnership ”Centre for Problems of the North, Arctic and Cross-border Cooperation” (North-Centre) (KA5033): Improving environmental resilience of the target areas of the project.
  • ”Cross-border tools for biodiversity hotspots preservation via monitoring and prevention of forest fires along Russian-Finnish border”, Natural Resources Institute Finland (KA5051): Improving preservation of cross-border forest biodiversity.

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