Sveza Group has established a wood procurement company Sveza Resource LLC in the Vologda region. The initial capital is RUB 400 million (approximately EUR 5.7 million *). Wood procurement will start at the end of 2019, with investment of 270 million rubles (about EUR 3.9 million *) this year and a total of 1.5 billion rubles (about EUR 21 million *) by 2028.

Another project related to the Sveza Group’s growth strategy is Novator +52, which increases the need for own wood procurement. The project will increase plywood production by 52,000 cubic meters per year. Investments are made in the production of large-sized coated plywood and special plywood. The Sveza Group’s goal of managing the entire production chain from wood procurement to sales of end products is quite logical. Raw material sourcing is secured while its sourcing planning and pricing can be controlled and the production process becomes more transparent and consistent. The Group has six forest lease areas with 351,300 cubic meters of felling rights. In 2018, the Group’s logging volume was 123,300 cubic meters.

Source: Russian Timber Journal 07-2019

* 1 €=70 RUB